Ian Snape – England Seniors Over-65

We are delighted to report that our own Ian Snape finished joint first with two other players in the recent England Over-65 Championships with 5½/7. Ian was placed second on tie-break.

Following this success, Ian has been selected as one of five players to represent the England Over-65 1st Team in the FIDE World Senior Team Chess Championships in Italy in June.

Many congratulations to Ian, and here’s hoping for more success for him and the rest of the England Team next month.

Dave Vigus – Club Membership Secretary

Captain’s report: Beckenham and Bromley 5 3-1 Medway 2

The good news is we won the semi-final but not as easy as the scorecard may suggest.  

Andrew Dovey lost a piece but fought back for a brilliant draw, the first game to finish. The second game to end was Anthony Barnett’s. With only 10 minutes left against his opponent’s hour, Anthony achieved a remarkable two-move forced mate position on the board which prompted a resignation.

This still left work to do as with a 2-2 result, a board count tie-break would have eliminated Anthony’s Board 4 win. 

My own position was doubtful. Relief was fairly speedy however as Ian Mills on the next board produced one of his best games to win the match. The computer tells him he had just one inaccuracy!

This left me playing with the match won (again), my sacrifice of two pawns for the attack never ultimately tested as my opponent offered a draw, hurriedly accepted.

We progress to the  Kent Finals Day in June to play a team from Maidstone or Lewisham who meet in the other semi-final.

Grateful thanks, by the way, to Alan Hanreck, a FIDE Master from Charlton, who oversaw the match for us for no personal reward. What a nice act of kindness!

Match card: https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/98753

Martin Newman – 5th team captain

Captain’s report: Beckenham and Bromley teams promoted in their first season at 4NCL Online

It couldn’t have gone better for our debuting teams in the 4NCL Online Division 5 in its 5th season.

Beckenham topped the table with six wins and a draw (13 points) and Bromley came in 8th place with +3, =2, -2 (8 points), just enough to secure the promotion to division to Division 4.

Final table: https://www.4nclresults.co.uk/2021-22/media/online/5th/prog-div5.html

I’d like to thank and congratulate every single one of you who played for our teams:

Farahmandpour, Ehsan
Glanvile, Nick
Harrison, Jack
Harrison, Tommy
Hayes, Callum
Jasserand, Pascal
Lewin, John H
Madden, Steve
McAuliffe, Dylan
Meric, Mikey
Mourant, Malcolm
Newman, Martin E

Rudy Padovan – 4NCL Online captain

Captain’s report: Coulsdon B 2-2 West Wickham B

Last night we played a very strong Coulsdon team (heavily outgraded on boards 2-4) and managed a draw.

Thank you Ian for playing and securing your win; didn’t see much of the game up in the rafters! But I assume you turned the screws on him from the point I saw to. He also had time to prep for the game as it was obvious to them you were going to be playing from the request we made, so you were playing with a potential handicap of sorts. Well done.

Jon and Roy: great performances against higher grades players and getting the draws. Really tough opponents: their board two current grade is 2025 to give some context.

Me: played possibly the highest graded player I have ever played in a league game and gave a good account of myself, but wasn’t to be, unfortunately, just losing out in endgame position from a passed pawn that I should have dealt with earlier.

Match card: https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/96029

Next fixture: 21/04, away at Old Whitgiftians

Andy Dovey – West Wickham B captain

Captain’s report: Beckenham and Bromley 2.5-1.5 Sidcup 3

I am very pleased to report a fourth win (2.5-1.5) for the team against Sidcup 3 in the Tom Fuller League.

A drawn match would not be sufficient to guarantee a semi-final place.

On the night, progress was not straightforward.

Andrew Dovey on the top board lost to the experienced and probably under-rated Dave Gilbert.

Martin Newman evened the score with a rare win… which left the last two boards needing to bring home the points.

Ian Mills was winning easily until giving his queen away in a brief mental departure.  He then miraculously secured a draw.

Anthony Barnett heroically won yet another game in his improved season.

This completes the preliminary six fixtures and guarantees us a place in the semi-finals of the Kent championships where we will meet a team from mid-Kent.

Match card: https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/84193

Martin Newman – 5th team captain

Beckenham FIDE

The Beckenham FIDE tournament concluded on 6th April.  It was very tight, with 7 of the 8 players separated by only 1½ points.

I was not helped by losing my last 2 games. Richard, on the other hand, had a storming finish with 3 wins against the top 3 rated players. No one was undefeated.

The joint winners were Daniel Lindner and Jean-Baptiste Jugand on 4½/7:

Beckenham FIDE 2021-22 Final Standings

All in all, very good for the relationship between Beckenham and Petts Wood.

Beckenham players, rated over 1900 ECF, who wish to be considered for next season’s tournament should let me know.

Ian Snape – FIDE tournament controller

Captain’s report: Lewisham 5 2-2 Beckenham and Bromley 5

Beckenham and Bromley 5 got a 2-2 draw at Lewisham on 23rd March in their fifth match. Ian Mills had a straightforward win and Andrew Dovey and Martin Newman recorded draws.

On 30th March, Lewisham  5 visited Sidcup, winning 4-0 against a slightly weaker than the normal-looking team.

This leaves us needing to win our sixth match to ensure progression to the semi-final stage. We play at home to Sidcup next week. In fact, four teams are in contention (including Beckenham and Bromley 6 ) for the two places. At present, Beckenham and Bromley 5 are in second place with a game in hand over the leaders Petts Wood and Orpington.

Match card: https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/84273

Next match: 06/04 at home to Sidcup.

Martin Newman – 5th team captain

Captain’s report: Gravesend 2 3-3 Beckenham and Bromley 3

Travelling to the farthest club in the Kent Metropolitan division – Gravesend – our 3rd team managed to draw the match last night. Pascal and Steve drew their games and all the other ones were taken by the Black pieces, with Rudy and Adrian scoring full points for our team.

With one match left in this division, our team doesn’t have the chance to qualify for the semifinals and will fight for fourth place.

Match card: https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/84277

Next match:04/05 at home against Lewisham.

Rudy Padovan – 3rd team captain

Beckenham vs Bromley match: the online edition!

The match Beckenham vs Bromley is a yearly OTB event when the club is divided into two teams battling for the trophy.

This year we’ll have the chance of seeing an appetizer for this match, as both teams are currently topping the 4NCL 5th division table and are supposed to play each other this Tuesday 22nd March:

Whichever team comes up as a winner will have very good chances of winning the division with only two rounds left. I wish good luck to both Beckenham and Bromley players!

Rudy Padovan – 4NCL online captain

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