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Handicap Tournament

Tournament controller: Sam Barlerin

Results as of 30/04/23


Martin Newman bt Nick Glanvile

Ian Mills vs Malcolm Mourant To be played on 31st May


Martin Newman vs Ian/Malcolm

The handicap internal tournament 2022-23 is open to everyone who is a member of the club but not playing in the FIDE-rated tournament.

Opponents are chosen by the players at random. Only one game is to be played between the same two players. Both players are required to record the moves of the game until they have less than 5 minutes on their clock.

Each game is fixed for two hours to be split between the two players on a handicap basis. The handicap will be based on September 2022 ECF Ratings. For anyone without an official rating, estimated ratings will be used. The time split is shown in the following table:

Games will be played from October to April. Around April 2023, we will arrange a knock-out play-off for the top 4 players.