The Hobell Library catalogue

BardenRuy LopezPergamon
Barden The Ruy Lopez1971Pergamon
BellinWinning with the DutchBatsford
BeliavskyQueen’s Gambit D441993Chess Informant
BuckerThe Vulture and Associated Opening Systems1989Crowood Press
Burgess101 Chess Opening Surprises1998Gambit
BurgessWinning with the Smith-Morra Gambit1994Batsford
Chermin/CartierPirc defense
CimminoThe Goring Gambit1993s1 Editrice
Davies/Plat1. e4 e52005Everyman Chess
DunningtonThe Chigorin Queen’s Gambit1996Batsford
ECOKing’s Indian Defence E921997Moravian Chess
ECOPirc Defence B09 (II)1996Moravian Chess
ECORuy Lopez C632000Moravian Chess
Estrin/GlaskovPlay the King’s Gambit declined, Vol 2Pergamon
Evans/SmithAn Unbeatable White Repertoire after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 1988Chess Digest
Fine The ideas behind the chess openings1989Batsford
FlearThe Slav for the Tournament Player1988Batsford Competitive
FlearThe Queen’s Gambit Accepted1994Batsford
GufeldQueen’s Gambit Accepted1986Batsford Competitive
Gufeld/StetskoThe Giuoco Piano1996Batsford Competitive
GufeldWinning with the King’s Indian1991Batsford
GurevicKings Indian Defence1995Chess Informant
HallScotch 4… Qh4 The Steinitz Variation1995Pickard
Hall/CartierLeningrad Dutch Strategy and Tactics1997Hays
HardingThe Fighting Fajarowicz Budapest Gambit1996Chess Digest
Ivkov/SkokoLeningrad Dutch 11990Chess Press Munchen
JusupovPetroff’s defence1994Chess Informant
KarpovBeating the Grunfeld1992Batsford
Keene et alThe English Defence …e6, …b6, …Bb71987Batsford
Keene/ LevyAn opening repertoire for the attacking player1984Batsford 
Keene/TalbotFrench defence, Tarrasch Variation1987Batsford
KonstantinopolskyVienna Game1986Batsford Competitive
KonstantinopolskyVienna Game and Gambit 1. e4 e5 2. Nc3 (in Russian)1989
KornModern Chess Openings, 11th ed.1973Pitman
KortchnoiEnglish Opening – 4 Knights A291993Informator
KortchnoiEnglish Opening1993Chess Informant
KostenThe Dynamic English1999Gambit
KostenLatvian Gambit Batsford
Kotronias Beating the flank openings1996Batsford
LaneVienna Game2000Everyman Chess
LaneWinning with the Bishop’s Opening1993Batsford
LevySokolsky opening
Levy/O’ConnellHow to plat the King’s Indian defenceBatsford
LutesDanish Gambit 1. e4 e5 2. d4 ed 3. c31992Chess Enterprises
Lutz Endgame Secrets1999Batsford
MartinThe Contemporary Anti-Dutch1990Tournament Chess
MacDonald/RossNimzo-Indian Defence Leningrad System1978Batsford
McDonaldThe Dutch Leningrad1997Chess Press
MednisFrom the Opening into the Endgame1983Pergamon Press
Miles/MoskovSicilian Dragon – Yugoslav attack
MyersNimzovich Defence to 1. e41993Caissa Editions
Negi1.e4 vs The French, Caro Khan & Philidor2014Quality Chess
NeishtadtThe Queen’s Gambit Accepted1997Cadogan Chess
NorwoodWinning with the Modern1994Batsford
NunnThe Benoni for the tournament player1982Batsford Competitive
NunnThe Pirc Defence1993Batsford
O’ConnellBird’s Opening1983The Chess Player
PachmanQueen’s Gambit1964Chess
PovahThe English Four Knights1982Batsford Master
PolugayevskyQueen’s Gambit Orthodox Defence1988Batsford Competitive
PsakhisThe Complete French1992Batsford
PsakhisFrench Defence – 3 Nd22003Batsford
RaetzkiAlbin’s Counter-Gambit1998Schachverlag Kania
RhodesChess openings for the County player
SadlerThe Semi-Slav1998The Chess Press
SadlerThe Slav1997The Chess Press
SawyerBlackmar-Diemer Gambit Keybook1992Thinkers’ Press
SawyerBlackmar-Diemer Keybook 21999Pickard and Son
SchillerBlackmar-Diemer Gambit1986Chess Enterprises
SchillerHow to play the Albin Countergambit1991Chess Enterprises
SchillerHow to play the Chigorin Defense in the QGD1991Chess Enterprises
SchillerHow to play the Dilworth Attack (11 … Nxf2!?)1995Chess Enterprises
SchillerHow to play the From Gambit1992Chess Enterprises
SchillerQueen’s Gambit Declined Orthodox Variation1994Chess Enterprises
Schiller/ColiasHow to Play Black against the Staunton Gambit1993Chess Digest
Smith/HallMax Lange Attack and the Anti – Max Lange1993Chess Digest
Smith/HallKing’s Indian Attack1988Chess Digest
Smith/HallThe Goring Gambit Accepted and Declined1994Chess Digest
Smith/HallWinning with the Colle System 2nd Edition1990Chess Digest
Smith/HallEnglund Gambit – Blackburne-Hartlaub GambitChess Digest
SokolovNimzo-Indian – Classical E32-391997Informator
SoltisThe Noteboom Variation1995Chess Digest
TirabassiBenoni Defence – Taimanov Variation 8. Bb5+1993s1 Editrice
TivjakovSicilian Defence1995Chess Informant
Tseitlin/GlaskovThe Budapest for the Tournament Player1991Batsford
Van der WerfPlay the Noteboom1996Cadogan
Van der VielSicilian Defence1996Chess Informant
Wade/HardingThe Marshall Attack1974Batsford
WatsonQueen’s Gambit Chigorin Defence1981Gambit
Watson/SchillerThe Big Book of Busts1995Hypermodern Press
WatsonThe Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni2001Gambit
WatsonPlay the French1986Pergamon Press
WellsThe Complete Semi-Slav1994Batsford
Yudasin/SolovievSchliemann Gambit1994Chess Openings
ZagorovskyRomantic Chess Openings1982Batsford
AdamsTrompovsky Attack1979The Chess Player
BaburinTrends the Queen’s Gambit Accepted Volume 21994Trends
CarlierTrends Flank Openings1990Trends
CarlierTrends in the Open Games (Evans, Ponziani, Vienna)1992Trends
ChandlerThe Tarrasch defenceTUI
Chess DigestThe Budapest Defence1972Chess Digest
Chess DigestVeresov Opening1984Chess Digest
DaviesTrends Queen’s Indian without g31991Trends
Daviesf4 SicilianTUI
DempseyModern Exchange Grunfeld1989The Chess Player
DrukeGibbins-Weidenhagen Gambit 1.d4 Nf6 2.g4!?1996Schachfirma Fruth
Dunne/TaylorCentre Counter uprisingThinkers Press
ECOEnglish Opening – 4 Knights A28 (PINK cover)1996Moravian Chess
ECOItalian Game C53, C54 with 4… Nf6 5.d31996Moravian Chess
ECOSlav Defence with 4… a61996Moravian Chess
ECOQueen’s Gambit Tarrasch Defence D321996Moravian Chess
ECOQueen’s Gambit D551996Moravian Chess
FIDECHESSGruenfeld Exchange D85 8. Rb11994FIDECHESS
FIDECHESSNimzo-Indian 4. Qc2 O-O 5. a31994FIDECHESS
FlearTrends in the King’s Indian 6. Be2 Vol 31997Trends
FlearTrends in the Scotch vol. 21996Trends
HodgsonTrends in Bird’s Opening1992Trends
HodgsonTrends in the Budapest Defence1991Trends
HodgsonTrends in the Czech and Schmid Benoni1991Trends
HodgsonTrends in the Torre and Trompovsky1989Trends
HodgsonTrends in the Torre and Trompovsky Volume 21992Trends
HodgsonTrends 1.d4 d6 …Bg4 systems1991Trends
HodgsonTrends in Blackmar-Diemar GambitTrends
Jacobs/KasparovNimzo-Indian 4. Nf31989TUI
Kapitaniakb6!1982The Chess Player
KapitaniakThe Polish Defense 1… b51982Chess Enterprises
KonikowskiModern Benoni Three Pawn Attack1987Munster Verlag
KuijfVienna Game1994Interchess BV
KuligowskiDevelopments in the Reti System1987None
LalicNew moves in the French Winawer1999TN!
LalicNew moves in the Grunfeld Exchange1999TN!
LalicTrends in the Classical & Stonewall Dutch Vol. 21996Trends
LalicNew moves in the Nimzo-Indian 4 Qc21999TN!
LalicNew moves in the Queen’s Gambit Accepted1999Trends
LalicTrends in QGD without Tartakower & Anti-Tartakower1995Trends
LalicTrends in the Tartakower and Anti-Tartakower1995Trends
LeachKGA Allgaier and Kieseritzky Gambits1990Caissa
LeachKGA Irregular Third Moves for White1987Caissa
LeachVienna Game & Gambit Part 7 2.Nc3 Bc5 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Nf31994Leach
MartinTrends in the Alekhine Volume 21994Trends
MartinTrends in the Nimzo-Indian without 4 e31989Trends
MartinTrends in the Queen’s Gambit Accepted1991Trends
MartinTrends in the Slav Defence1990Trends
MartinQueen’s Gambit Declined Tarrasch & Semi-Tarrasch1992Trends
MartinQueen’s Gambit AcceptedTUI
McDonaldTrends in the Queen’s Gambit Declined1991Trends
MotwaniTrends in the English with 1… e51990Trends
NorwoodTrends in the Modern with … c61992Trends
OlomoucDutch Defence
PeinDevelopments in the Grunfeld 1985-19871987R G Wade
PickettThe Old Indian Renewed1984The Chess Player
ReganTrends in the Smith-Morra Gambit Vol. 21997Trends
RichmondFrench Defence Tarrasch Variation1980The Chess Player
Schiller/JanowskiIndian Defence1990Chess Enterprises
SchillerNew Ideas in the Modern Defense – Averbakh Lines1991Chess Enterprises
TataiLe Gambit Jaenisch1978DIFFEC
ThomasAverbakh System Pirc/King’s Indian Defence1978The Chess Player
TiemannSchliemann – Janisch Gambit (in German)1990Reinhold Dreie
TisdallTrends in the Grunfeld Exchange1990Trends
TisdallTrends in the Exchange Grunfeld Volume 21994Trends
TisdallTrends in the Leningrad Dutch1992Trends
WallGrob’s Attack1988B G Dudley
WayDevelopments in Orthodox Queen’s Gambit 1984-871987Peacock Print
WardTrends in the Albin Counter Gambit1998Trends
WellsWinning with the 8.Rb1 ExchangeGrunfeld
Opening booklets
AvniCreative Chess1991Pergamon Chess
DvoretskyAttack and Defence1998Batsford
LevyHow Fischer plays chessFontana
PandolfiniKasparov’s Winning Chess Tactics1986Simon and Schuster
SubaDynamic chess strategyPergamon
Tal/KhenkinTal’s winning combinationsRoutledge
Averbach/KopayevComprehensive Chess Endings – Vol 5 Rook Endings1987Pergamon 
BardenHow to play the endgame in chessCollins and Batsford
DvoretskySchool of Chess Excellence-Endgame Analysis2001Edition Olms
SpeelmanAnalysing the Endgame1981Batsford
AlexanderFischer v Spassky Reykjavik 1972Penguin
Balashov et alZonal, Interzonal & Tournaments 1993 (in Russian)1993Russian
Botvinnik100 selected games1960Dover
BotvinnikAnatoly Karpov  his road to the world championship1978Pergammon
BradyBobby FischerBatsford
BradyEndgame (Fischer biography)Constable
ByrneThe new king  Anatoly Karpov1976Bantam
CaffertySpassky’s 100 best games1973Batsford
ColesH. E. Atkins biographyPitman
Edmonds/EidinowFischer goes to war (biography)Faber
Euwe/ MeidenMaster v Amateur1989Tarang
FischerMy 60 Memorable Games 19691972Batsford
GligoricFischer v Spassky  the match of the century1972Fontana
Hartston/KeeneKarpov – Korchnoi1974OUP
Hartston/RubenLondon 1980Pergamon
HorowitzGames to rememberPelham
KasparovMy gamesBatsford
KeeneFischer – Spassky 2Batsford
Keene/GoodmanManoeuvres in Moscow – Karpov Kasparov vol 2Batsford
Keene/LawsonThe London contest, Kasparov KorchnoiBatsford
Keene/LevySiegen chess OlympiadChess Ltd
KotovAlexander Alekhine1975Batsford
LaneVictory in the Opening1999Popular
LeachThe Best of British Chess 1945-89 Part 11991Colin Leach
Levy/O’connellKorchnoi’s chess gamesOUP
O’Connell et alComplete Games of World Champion Karpov1976Batsford
O’Connell et alComplete games of Karpov
O’KellyPetrosian world championPergamon
Reinfeld/FineLasker’s greatest games 1889-19141963Dover
ReshevskyReshevsky’s best games1960Dover
RogersThessaloniki 19881988Tournament Chess
SoltisBobby Fischer rediscoveredBatsford
WaitzkinMortal games – Kasparov biographySimon & Shuster
Biographies and collection of games
AbrahamsTest your chessPan
Alexander/BeachLearn chess – a new way, vol 2Pergamon
AvniCreative Chess1991Pergamon
BardenThe Guardian Chess Book1972Coronet (autographed)
BarnesBest chess problems
BurgessThe mammoth book of chess2000Robinson
ChernevThe Chess Companion1976Faber
ChernevLogical chess move by move1972Faber
Chernev Logical chess move by move1957Faber
CozensThe King Hunt1970Bell
Fox/JamesThe Complete Chess Addict1987Faber and Faber
GagarinSecrets from Russia Chess Theory and Analysis1993Inform Systems
Keres/KotovThe art of the Middle Game1972Penguin
LeMoirEssential Chess sacrifices2003Gambit
PachmanModern Chess Tactics 1970Routledge 
Pandolphini The Chess Doctor1995Fireside
Plisetsky/VoronkovRussians v FischerChess world
PritchardThe right way to play chess1971Elliot
ReinfeldHow to play the white pieces1973Foulsham
Reinfeld/HorowitzHow to think ahead in chess1972Faber
Seirawan Winning Chess Strategies2003Everyman
Silman How to reassess your chess1993Siles
Silman The amateur’s mind1999Siles
StauntonThe Chess-Players Handbook (1847)1985Batsford
ThomasChess Techniques1975Routledge 
WadeSoviet Chess1968Spearman
YanofskyChess the hard wayPitman
14th world student championship Results1967
HorowitzCHESS OPENINGS Theory and Practice1964Faber
Znosko-BorovskyThe art of chess combination1959Dover
ChessJan, Mar, Jun, Aug, Sep Nov1973
ChessAug, Oct, Dec1974
ChessJan, Feb, Mar1975
Chess Mail08/09/97
Chess Mail01/10/97
Chess Mail01/05/98
Chess Mail01/05/99
Chess Mail08/09/99
Chess Mail01/07/99
Chess Mail01/01/00
New In ChessNr 41998
New In ChessNr 61998
New In ChessNr 11999
New In ChessNr 51999
New In ChessNr 81999
New In ChessNr 32000
New In ChessNr 62000
New In ChessNr 82000
New In ChessNr 22001
New In Chess2008/7, 2015/6, 2017/7, 2018/3, 2018/4
New In ChessYearbook 341994
New In ChessYearbook 381995
New In ChessYearbook 451997
New In ChessYearbook 461998
New In ChessYearbook 471998
New In ChessYearbook 491998
New In ChessYearbook 542000
New In ChessYearbook 562000
New In ChessYearbooks 75 – 80
Sach info142001
Sach info152001
Schach Report01/06/96

The Briggs Donation

KarpovThe semi-open game in action1988Batsford
KarpovThe semi-closed openings in action1989Batsford
Kasparov/Keene Batsford Chess Openings1983Batsford
KarpovThe Open Game in Action1988Batsford
KarpovThe closed openings in Action1989Batsford
FineThe middle game in chess1973McKay
KeresPractical Chess Endings1986Batsford
Euwe/HooperA guide to chess endings 1959Routledge & Kegan Paul 
KorchnoiViktor Korchnoi`s Best Games1978Philidor
Korchnoi/Wade/BlackstockKorchnoi’s 400 best games1978Batsford
BotvinnikBotvinnik’s Best Games1972Batsford
Reti/GolombekReti’s Best Games of Chess 1974Dover
O’Connell/AdamsThe games of Anatoly Karpov1974Batsford
Caparros/LahdeThe games of Alekhine1982Chess Scribe
AndersenThe chess games of…1996Pickard
Levy/O’ ConnellKorchnoi’s best games1979Ox Un Press
Levy/O’ ConnellKarpov’s Games as World Champion1978 Batsford
ThomasComplete Games of Mikhail Tal 1967-731979 Batsford
AlexanderAlekhine’s best Games 1938 -19451970Bell
Alekhine 107 Great Chess Battles 1939-19451992Dover
Alekhine My best games of chess 1924-371962Bell
Clarke Mikhail Tal`s Best Games of Chess1973Bell
Kasparov/WadeFighting Chess – Games and career1985Batsford
Gligoric Fischer vs Spassky 19721972Collins
Fine Lessons from my games1958Dover
Fine Great Moments in Modern Chess 1965Dover
AlekhineThe 1936 Nottingham Tournament1962Dover
Euwe/Blaine/RumbleThe Logical Approach to Chess1982Dover
GolombekThe early games of Paul Keres1964H Jenkins 
GolombekThe middle years of Paul Keres1966H Jenkins 
GolombekThe later years of Paul Keres1969H Jenkins 
NeishtadtPaul Keres – Chess master class1983Pergamon
Tal Tal Botvinnik match 19601977 Pitman
The Briggs Donation
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