Captain’s report: Coulsdon B 2-2 West Wickham B

Last night we played a very strong Coulsdon team (heavily outgraded on boards 2-4) and managed a draw.

Thank you Ian for playing and securing your win; didn’t see much of the game up in the rafters! But I assume you turned the screws on him from the point I saw to. He also had time to prep for the game as it was obvious to them you were going to be playing from the request we made, so you were playing with a potential handicap of sorts. Well done.

Jon and Roy: great performances against higher grades players and getting the draws. Really tough opponents: their board two current grade is 2025 to give some context.

Me: played possibly the highest graded player I have ever played in a league game and gave a good account of myself, but wasn’t to be, unfortunately, just losing out in endgame position from a passed pawn that I should have dealt with earlier.

Match card:

Next fixture: 21/04, away at Old Whitgiftians

Andy Dovey – West Wickham B captain

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